New Hope Children’s Home and Rehabilitation Centre is a community-based organization founded in December, 2003. The centre was established to cater for orphans, abandoned children, children from the Mombasa streets lacking the essential human wants (e.g., shelter, food, medication, clothing, parental care and psychotherapy, and, principally education-for their later life). The initiator of this centre was able to go to school because he was sponsored by an Asian man based in Nairobi—Pandya:Mohandulla Chandulla. This man had employed his father as a house help, whose wages were petite, and acted as a Good Samaritan by educating five children from that family. Proud of what he accomplished consequent to the sponsorship, the founder of this centre felt that through the centre he as well could transform the life of many kids who would otherwise not make it in life because the fundamental needs were unreachable and hence they would be incapable to realize their dreams.

Most parents of these children have perished as a result of the deadly virus known as HIV/AIDS. Due to poverty and illiteracy, parents are dying like flies leaving behind parentless children. Some(children) are already HIV positive and this to some point has led to intolerance and isolation, thus causing some to end up living in the street; exposed to the dangers that come with such life.

All in all, “you and I ” can change the lives of many if we unite, if we work jointly.

The New Hope Children’s Home and Rehabilitation Centre is in East Africa-Kenya-the Coast Province-Mombasa District-North Coast-Kisauni Division-Mishomoroni, next to Bengala Slums.


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