Anyone who is interested in supporting any of these children through individual sponsorship
or providing general support in the form of a donation, you can link with us through the above e-mail address. In this way we can join hands in meeting these challenges in being.

As you can see from our website, apart from providing accommodation for orphans, we also provide a quality education through our school program, which at the at hand has 127 pupils from kindergarten through primary school level. The school is open to children from our community whose families are deprived and thus cannot afford regular schools. We have 9 teachers, both male and female, most of whom receive a very small compensation for their work, since the centre does not have the finances to put them on a customary payroll.

We would value
Anyone willing to serve as a volunteer worker.
Anyone interested in joining us in backing our project.
Anyone interested in providing books, desks, or other stationery.
Anyone interested in aiding to pay the teachers to enable them to carry on
teaching and thus support their own families.

The other major challenge has been medication. So if anyone is in a position to give a hand in this project, we dreadfully need, drugs and vitamin supplements, e.g.  Multi-amino acid, Grovit tabs, and Enamina capsules.